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Cuphead Party

Cuphead Party

So, I really love having parties.  I love to plan, design, set, food and even clean up.  I can make an excuse to have one anytime.  

My stepson wanted this theme.   Basically it is a video game done in the old cartoon style.  I mean like 1930’s not the 1980’s.   

I really had to do this with a fresh idea brain.  Nothing really out there.  I ended up designing my invites off Shutterfly.   This was as easy as a few screenshots off Pinterest and insert.  

We had a custom beppi the clown piñata made.  I’m going to give the biggest shout of praise to piñatas villa fan in Santa Ana, ca.  My cousin referred me .  I went in with two pictures and said this top and this bottom.  Haha.  They did just that.  $35!!!! That’s it!!! If you live in Orange County area please make this your go to for piñatas . Check yelp if you don’t believe me.  


I used an old pallet to tape prizes to.  We had carnival tickets hidden under different items around the party to match to a prize on the board.   Did a small popcorn table. We had a guess how many clown candy for a prize.  Darts, bean bag toss, ping pong balls in water cups.  

Kept menu pretty simple.  Hot dogs, grill cheese, pasta salad , cole slaw.  


corn dog Twinkie - I let the kids add the “catsup”


I bought the raffle tickets at the Dollar Tres.  Clown gummy candy at World MArket .  

Prize board with old Pallet  

Prize board with old Pallet  

Such a great time  

Such a great time  

We spent 400 on this party.  We had about 12 kids and 20 adults .   This was for everything.  I even had adult beverages.  It was such a fun challenge .   

So much of the Knick knacks are found at Dollar Tree.   As you see the popcorn table was very simple.  Party favors besides the incredible mugs were decks of cards and of course treats from piñatas.  

For how to on those crazy cool cuphead mugs check out my previous post 


I’m telling you! 

In honor of Harry Potter and JK Rowling....

Three minute Ice Cream cake

Three minute Ice Cream cake