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Prayer Candle Table Markers

Prayer Candle Table Markers

i wanted to do something unique, affordable and very me for my backyard reception.  I really had no idea my dollar store prayer candles and table markers would steal the show.  



Prayer candle centerpiece with garden stake name plates.  

I wanted a outdoor little Italy restaurant type feel.  I was not looking for a traditional wedding style.  This was not my first marriage sooooo.  Haha.   

In all seriousness I wanted a nice casual, unique, delicious fun day.  

I knew I would want candies and some type of centerpiece.  I started thinking what my theme was really about.  I was not looking for big floral displays.  So hello!!! Basil plants, herbs, succulents and a few flowers .  



Can you guess the theme of the candles? 

I guess you could say I wanted a outdoor, little Italy eatery thing happening.   

Each table was equipped with white tablecloth, checkered overlay, pink vase with flowers, cement planter with succulent, small potted herb, Italian waster, a fragrant basil plant with a marker saying the name of table and the final touch was the prayer candles labeled with a famous Italian or movie to match the name on plant marker.   



Godfather Table.

Since we did Buffett I had tables announced by name on marker.  “Godfather table, it’s your turn to eat” something like that anyway.   

By the end of night I was handing out basil plants and prayer candles.  My guests were so excited to take them. 

The whole centerpieces were so easy and cheap to make!!!  



What do you think?

I even had one for our little bride table.   



So to me these were so easy.  

I bought candles at Dollar Tree and 99 cents store.  The same with the terra cotta pots.  The cement planters from 99 cent store too.  The basil plants from Trader Joe’s.  I went in a few days before and requested 15 to ge ready.  So easy.  The pink vases from World Market.   

Bottom line my table cost $10 bucks a piece. TA DA!!!!! 

 So here is what I did to make the candles 

  1. prayer candle  
  2. screen shot pictures off of internet  
  3. printed and glued on with just white glue on edges  
  4. tied on twine and rubbed some glue in between

That is it!!! Done! 

I didn’t even repot the basil .  I unwrapped and put in the pots.  Succulents last forever.  I trimmed from my garden and stuck them in. That’s my story.   

I’m gling to make these for  the holidays this year.   

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